35 years experience in fuelling


35 years experience in fuelling


35 years experience in fuelling

Safety first

The HSSE management system for optimum safety

The special safety requirements to be observed when storing aviation fuel and carrying out aircraft refuelling call for rigorous parameters for Health, Safety, Security and the Environment – HSSE. Only in this way can we ensure the protection of the health of our employees, contractors and all other persons involved in the process, along with the intactness of all plant and equipment. Careful use of resources also plays an important part in this regard.

This is why we introduced our HSSE Management System. In doing so, we ensure that the personal, operational technical and commercial workflows are queried and backtracked time and again – to meet our objective of being a safe, efficient and customer-friendly service provider for refuelling and tank storage facility operations at airports.

Staff promotion and development

We invest a great deal in training our employees.

In doing so, we instil and encourage motivation and maximum professional expertise. It is particularly important to us that “critical situations” are identified speedily. In the process, not only do we adopt precautions directly in the environment of our ground staff but at all levels all the way through to our top management.

This is how we avoid bottlenecks, poor communications or unexpected developments.

The objective is for measures to be adopted any time at short notice in order to avert any hazards to health, plant & equipment and to our customers’ planning activities.

Our internal inspectors check on a regular basis whether our employees and our systems are ready for this.

HSSE rules & regulations for transparent prevention of loss, damage or injury

With our HSSE rules and regulations for our daily safety, we set an example for our entire industry segment. We encourage our employees to refine these principles for their own, personal use and to apply them beyond their work context as well – after all, users stand to benefit from these rules in many situations occurring in daily life.

The protection of our plant & equipment is very important to us. For this reason, access to them is permitted only to reliable staff members with a security clearance, who are allowed to operate within these areas according to our rules and the parameters laid down by Airport Security as a matter of principle.

To us, environmental protection means consistent avoidance of waste, contaminations and other burdens and impairments. In order to ensure that the influences and risks are kept as low as possible, we invest in state-of-the-art technologies as far as the construction of our vehicles and plant & equipment are concerned.